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New Book Released

Page history last edited by Vicki Corob 10 years, 10 months ago


The Spiritual DNA of Jesus Christ



Release of Latest Book


PublishAmerica is proud to announce the recent release of Lawrence W. Corob's new book: The Spiritual DNA of Jesus Christ!


Here's what the author says about the book: This book examines the spiritual DNA of Jesus Christ, and the impact it will have on this generation as the body of Christ matures. Both technology and genetics are used in parallel to the scripture to create a three-fold cord of understanding, which is not easily broken. Satan interjected viruses in the mind, which must be identified, quarantined and eliminated. Each person is made up of a unique genetic code, and one must know which scriptural antivirus patches need applied to be successful. Jesus Christ was sent to restore the spiritual genetics of man, as the Holy Ghost overshadowed Mary. The first man, Adam, never reached his spiritual maturity, but the second Adam or Jesus Christ in us is due. Detailed are the methods in which the body of Christ will reach maturity, and will be able to defy the laws of physics and gravity as Jesus did!


We are offering you an opportunity to secure your personal copy of Lawrence W. Corob’s exceptional book today.  Please click here: http://www.publishamerica.net/product87576.html to secure your copy of the book*, then click Add to Cart.  We typically ship within 24 hours.


Thank you for your interest in our author's wonderful achievement.


Have a great day!







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