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Church History

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Church History



The Apostolic Church of Point Marion began when Rev. Marvin Welsh traveled around fulfilling his calling as an Apostle to establish new churches. He would set them up, and move on to establish other churches. Church services for the Apostolic Church of Point Marion began in January of 1947 in a small building adjacent to the current church, which is now used for Sunday School classes. After ACPM was established, Rev Welsh left for Columbus, Ohio to continue establishing churches of the Apostolic doctrine. The name Apostolic simply translates to “like the Apostles”, meaning the faith teaches the doctrine of the original first church upon which the Apostles taught, with Jesus Christ being the chief cornerstone.


At the time of its founding, Brother McCartney pastored until Rev. Welsh returned in 1951.  Rev. Welsh followed a vision that he believed the Lord had given to him regarding a new building for the church.  In the vision, he saw it facing the opposite direction, and explained this to the congregation.  After enough funds were raised, the foundation was completed for the new church in 1958.  During the years of 1958 to 1960, the church was pastored by Rev. Norman, with services being conducted in the foundation for six years.   In September, 1964 a charter was secured, where the following known members were accepted: May Mays, Ray Barber, Miss Dusenberry, Bertha and her son Eddie Corob, Lidy Klink, Otis Salisbury, Sadie Smitley, Okie Nicholson, Mrs. Dennis, and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Brown. These members continue fund raising for the vision of the new church building, and it was successfully complete in May of 1966.


Bishop Charles Kenneth Krause pastored for 32 years from 1960 until the time of his retirement in June of 1992.  In 1985 a devastating flood came through, but the foundation of the church proved ample enough to keep the church from total disaster.  At the time of Rev. Welsh's building of the foundation, he felt led of the Lord to pour concrete much heavier than was needed or recommended.  At the time those assisting questioned this decision, as the foundation was strong enough to support a 30 story building.  It was that decision that obviously assisted in securing the building during this flood of 1985.  At this time, the church worked hard to recover from the flood with much needed renovation.   In 1987, additional lots for parking space were purchased from Paul and Mary Westcoat. In addition, the church remodeled the kitchen and classrooms for Sunday School.


Bishop David Lee Corob, Sr. has been the pastor since Bishop Krause retired in 1992, and has continued with the original vision that began nearly 60 years ago.



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